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About Us

An Ecosystem of Entrepreneurs

At KIX Incubation Centre, our mission is to discover the world’s most promising startups and founders in which to invest our time and resources to help them succeed.

We intend to be an active catalyst for the growth of Telangana’s startup eco-system.

We are an open incubator that welcomes entrepreneurs from all over the country. Be a part of our network to participate in stimulating conversations, innovative thinking, and forward-looking startups. Together, let us ignite the spark of new ideas and ventures.

To push towards democratising entrepreneurship and creating more startup capitals, we have created an on-demand, highly customised, and asset-light startup support platform. We offer a variety of inputs including training, network, coaching, and physical infrastructure - all of this is unbundled and accessible on-demand, and does away with the need for us to be physically present ourselves and empowers the entrepreneur to design their incubation.